Fishing Report Log

Dec 1-Fished incoming tide this morning. Couple of rats. Some bunker around. Water temp 48.

Nov 22-Big Bass running on the night tides, gotta hit the window right. Bass to 30 pounds. Hitting darters and bucktails. Great fishing!

Nov 20-Got out early morning (3:00am). Air temperature was actually getting warmer, light drizzle. Then I saw big lightning flashes to the NW. Lexy wasn't happy!.... Decided to leave...Good move, as I was heading home The big boomers started with heavy rain and lightning. The boomers sounded to be very low and right overhead. Pretty scary! lol

Nov 18- Nailed a 31.5 pounder on a 2 oz. Green Bucktail with Red Pork Rind. If you're not fishing now forget it.
Bass released.

Nov 17- Water cleaned up. Bass on the open beach. 8 to 10 lbs. Bucktails with pork rind. Lost count.

Nov 13- Last couple of days 12 to 16lb bass on the open beach. Black darter. Outgoing. Still plenty of bait around. If it stays clean (storm), bite may continue. Early in the week blues mixed in with small (18") bass.

Nov 6-Fished out going this morning. Found bait, but couldn't tell what they were (not sand eels). The bite turned on for 15 minutes...22.5lber on a black darter. Thought the weather was going to get colder this weekend...doesn't look like it now. Water temps in the mid to high 50's. Plenty of bait to the east. We have time.

Nov 4-Fished last of outgoing, early morning. It was the classic catch one on the first cast (schoolie), then never more. Some bait around. Full Moon was bright, maybe tomorrow.

Nov 2-There's a lot of schoolie's (fat) right now, on the open beach and in the back bays. Plenty of bait still around . There's talk, the season may be ending. Gannet's a quarter mile off the beach (fish bypassing us). Montauk quiet. The end of September and most of October was good fishing for the south shore. The way this season has gone, I expect it to slow down...but there's still a lot of bait around. Let's see what Herring do. A good cold snap and that bait is gone. Full moon, wait a couple days.

Oct 22-Fished last night bass are still in, all around keeper size with a few in the 14 to 16lb range. Hitting darters.
I'm taking a break...back at it next week!

Oct 21-Fishing has been good on the south shore. Water is clean, plenty of bait around. Lots of keeper bass...looking for the big one.

Oct 18-Fished the Nor'easter at Montauk Friday night, some fish, but weather was getting too much.. Slept the morning, ate in town and we drove west (to FI). We had bass on the late night tide It was a brutal weekend.constant water and wind in your face, cold knocked down a few times. In the end...quality fish were taken (mid 20lbs range). We worked hard, and it was exhilarating to witness nature's raw power. Thanks guys for the laughs, great time!

Oct 15- Fished the backbays the last couple of nights. Water clarity is good. Mix of blues (4to5lbs) and bass (6 to 12lbs). Not a blitz, but they come through. Darters and swimmers. Still deciding whether to head to Montauk this weekend for the Noreaster or stay local.

Oct 13- Over the long holiday weekend (Columbus Day), most years I head out with the masses to Montauk. This year with Montauk a little slow as far as blitzes go. I decided to stay local (had a feeling). Glad I did, was into nice sized bass all weekend. Fished night tides. They were out in front and in the wash. Started the weekend east and moved west each night. Found bass each night on the open beach. Keeper size and up. Biggest bass was a fat 41 incher at 28 lbs, hit a bucktail with porkrind. Tagged and released. Yellow darters did damage as well. Saw a few 20+lbers landed over the weekend.

Oct 10- Fished beginning of outgoing (2:00am) Bass are in, landed 5, many misses on plugs, switched to bucktails, keeper size. They were in the wash.

Oct 6 -Fished beginning of incoming this morning. 4 Bass, barely keeper size. bucktail with porkrind.

Oct 4 -Fished last hour of outgoing (L4:00am) Foggy night. 3 bass - 19, 24, 16 lbs on live eels.
Bite died at slack,...woke up late.

Oct 2 - Fished beginning of the incoming tides the last few mornings. Conditions ok. Not much to report...slow right now. Should pickup with the moon tides and 60 degree weather. Looking for it to break open...very soon.

Sept 27- 4:30am Just got in. Invite from a friend [no names ;) ] to fish on his boat. We fished the Back bays between Jones inlet and Fire Island inlet. Fished the incoming. Raining 59 degrees. Bass were hungry. Steady pick on bucktails. Keeper size and up. Biggest was 23lbs by my buddy. My largest was 19 lbs, most were between 12 and 15lbs. Wet night, but we didn't notice. Great time, I might have to get one of these day. lol...Good nite!

Sept 24- Fishing this week slower than last weeks run of big bass on the open beaches. This week bass in the back bays to 18lbs. Darters and bucktails with pork rind produced the most. Mullets, Bunker and Spearing all over. Small snappers as well.

Sept 17- Well the mullet run is on...and big bass are in...that's all I'll say for now.

Sept 15- Fished beginning of incoming (H5:00am). One 22lb striper, on a 2.5 oz yellow darter. The only hit. Stayed till tide was moving too fast. Saw no bait but heard a few splashes. Bass Tagged for ALS and released.

Sept 14 - fished last of incoming this morning (H4:00am). Rainbait around, 2 bass around 10lbs on a small thin yellow darter. cool morning.

Sept 8 - Fished early morning before sunrise, found pods of mullets, blues on them with bass underneath. bass to 12 lbs. (bucktails)
Watch those mullets they're getting ready! The weather this week will do it!

Sept 7- Fishing the last couple of weeks, been good on the open beaches. The two storms that skirted us has pushed alot of bait inshore. As a result we have Blues and Bass all along the south shore, from montauk to the Rockaways. Nice way to start fall fishing.
Mullet run is next!

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