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Wood Gas Stove

Started, completed Mar. 1, 2010

Wood Gas...an old technology (150 years old) fuel for internal combustion engines, before petroleum (oil) took over. The idea was to burn wood in a low oxygen environment and take the gases produced (Hydrogen, methanol, Carbon Monoxide) and use it, to power internal combustion engines, smelting ovens , stoves, and even street lights in the 1860's. The output is twice as efficent. About a million wood gas generators were built in Europe during World War II's oil shortage. It was credited with saving millions of lives as wood gas was used to power tractors, industrial plants and some homes. In the 1980's FEMA released an instruction manual on how to construct a Wood gas generator, in case of national emergencies, such as gas and power shortages due to wars or natural disasters. In this video I show a mini wood gas stove I made, and how to know when you are burning wood gas.


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FEMA Woodgas Plans

Pressurized Alcohol Stove

Started Feb. 26, completed Feb 27, 2010

Made from two Aluminum cans, coke, bud, etc. Some JB Weld to keep inner core top rim air sealed.The secret to making this stove work well is making sure the inner core wall fits tightly around the top rim of the can. This way the gases cannot escape from the rim only through the gas vent holes. Great camping or emergency stove, small, lightweight and runs on Denatured Alcohol, Heet (A gas anti-freeze additive). Methanol Alcohol is what it runs best on. It boils two cups of water in four minutes with two ounces of fuel. Nice hot blue flame.


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Fractal HDTV Antenna

Started Jan. 31, 2010 completed feb 5, 2010

Fractal design is everywhere and increasingly used in antenna design. Most cell phones today have a fractal antenna laid out on the back of the phone...that's why you see only a stub or nothing sticking out of them. With PVC tubing and some 12 gauge wire I made a fractal antenna. It works very well (50 mile range, at least). The antenna measures only 2' x 2', small compared to other HD antennas of this range Although the construction process is a little more involved....still, easy to build.

Fractal Whisker Spec Drawing

Fractal Antenna Spec Drawing


Whisker HDTV Antenna

Started, completed Jan. 24, 2010

With Ten feet of 3/4" PVC tubing, some copper wire, 4 machine screws with nuts, and wire ties, you can make in a few hours a HDTV antenna that works very well and gets reception better than most commercially sold antennas. I had a lot of signal drops...especially during storms, with this antenna no signal drop at all. I live 40 miles east of where most broadcast signals originate from. A reflector mounted on the back (made of chicken wire) may help pull in more channels, but will make it very directional.

HDTV Antenna Spec Drawing


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