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Jan 29 - Uploaded new tab on website called "Projects"...I love to tinker!



Nov 16- Ten in the Afternoon poster page added in Music section.  

Nov 2 - Reached 1000 hits on the website today.  

Oct 11 - Inserted first pic in Garden section.  

Sept 7 - Updates in the Fishing section. Reports up and running. Removed fishing forum for now.  

Aug 28 - Started uploading pics in the Fish Pic Archives.  

Aug 26 - Setup a page for Ten in the Afternoon videos.  

Aug 15 - Setup a page for a fishing forum.  

Aug 13.-    RIP Les Paul

Aug. 12-  Hi all...I finished the basic setup of my website ( set pages, columns and links), I hope you all like it.... All I have to do now is input some content . lol.... It's going to take some time, I'm still setting up  pages. I'll be adding more features as the site grows. :) I'll be using this space for quick updates. The link below (what's up log)  brings you to a log of all "what's up? " posts. Check back soon

Aug. 11- Keep in touch!


Fishing Log Book


Dec 30 - Senator Schumer with a few congressmen and assemblymen are challenging the validity of charging a fee for the saltwater fishing license. Federal legislation mandate a registrar...there's nothing in there that says a fee is to be imposed. That came from Governor Paterson. Should have an outcome by January 2010.
Now's the time to write your legislators and let them know how you feel!

Oct 7 - Why does my Life time Saltwater license have an expiration date on it?
The lifetime license card is issued every year. In August the DEC mails out the licenses which go into effect Oct 1

Oct 1 - As of Oct 1, 2009 All persons need a Saltwater Fishing License to fish our marine waters. Exception Vets and 16 year olds and under.  

Sept 27 - I've been receiving emails asking why no pics with the reports. I tried that on Noreast.com. Didn't work out to well. Too much of a hassle, and people thought I was bragging. I'll post pics in the Pics Archive, but they'll be delayed a few months. lol

Sept 20 - Marine and Outdoor Recreation Today over at Jones beach WE2 by the Coast Guard Station. Follow the signs. 11:00am to 5:00pm  

Sept 19 - The Fall run has started with Mullets making their move and Sand eels all over. Keep that in mind when you make your lure selection. DEC Fishing Derby for Kids. Today at The SportFishing Educational Center at Cedar Marina. 11:00am to 2:30pm  

Sept 16 - Uploaded a new layout for the Fishing Home page.  

Sept 7 - With Fall arriving quickly, I've setup a page for fishing reports....No, I will not post specific spots and don't bother asking. lol  

Aug 29 - Like most people I started fishing as far back as I can remember. I dreamt of Surfcasting at the age of seven, when my father would pack up the family and we summered (in a bungalow) at the Rockaways and later at Rocky Point Long Island. We were on the beach everyday all summer till dark. I witnessed surfcasters chasing bass up and down the beach, saw 30+ pound bass dragged out of the surf, left a big impression on me. Waited till I could drive (at seventeen) before I started chasing my dream around Long Island. I caught my first bass at Jones Beach we2. I have the exact date logged: September 17, 1979 late afternoon, 24 inch striped bass on a 5.5 inch rebel lure. That was my first entry into my log book. I have kept that log book going right up to this day. This Fishing section although not as detailed as my log book, will contain all lot of the same material and information I write down and collect.  

Aug 28 - Started uploading pics in the Fish Pic Archives.  


Music Log Book


Jan 31 - Band is playing the Cystic Fibrosis Benefit at Mr Beery's Feb. 14. This is our 10 year playing it!



Oct 11 - Not much going on ...the fall run is on! (Striped Bass fishing)  

Sept 12 - "Music video of the week" inserted on main Music page  


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