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 Like most people I started fishing as far back
as I can remember. I dreamt of Surfcasting. My
father, every June packed up the family and
we summered (in a bungalow) at the Rockaways and in Rocky Point Long Island. We were on the beach till dark all summer long. I can still see surfcasters chasing Bass up and down the beach, saw 30+ pound Bass dragged out of the surf....left a big impression on me.
At seventeen I started chasing Stripers around Long Island. I caught my first Bass at Jones Beach WE2. I have the date logged: September 17, 1979. Late afternoon, 24 inch Striped Bass on a 5.5 inch rebel lure. That was the first entry in my log book. I have kept that log book going up to this day. This Fishing section although not as detailed as my log book...will contain the same information I write and collect.

I fish 80% of the time between Long Beach and Fire Island, 10% in Montauk, 10% where ever I can.


June 1, 2010


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